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Security Systems

We offer $0 down security systems and security systems with a no contract option. We also offer lifetime warranty on all of our security systems at no additional charge. We only use high quality products from Honeywell Security, the leader in security systems design.

No phone line? No problem! We offer digital cellular communicators that save you $$$ on those outrageous phone bills. Also, a digital cellular communicator is the safest alternative because it prohibits a would-be-theif from cutting your phone line.

Do you have pets that stay in your home? Our standard package comes with Pet Immune Motion Detectors that allow your pets to remain in your home while still offering the best protection.

We also offer fire protection (smoke detectors and heat detectors) at no additional monthly charge for residential customers. This addition will not only notify you of a potential fire, but also communicate to our monitoring station which will dispatch your local fire department.

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Camera Systems:

We offer a wide variety of cost effective solutions for live video monitoring your premises. We only use high resolution cameras which are essential in capturing hard evidence in a crime or critical event. Our digital video recorders come network ready for viewing your system online with an internet connection.

Need to watch your business, but can't be onsite all of the time? No problem!

Want to make sure your children made it safe home from school? No problem!

Had an alarm? Quickly log in to your camera system and find out what is happening!

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Audio Systems:

We also specialize in custom audio solutions for your home or business. Our audio systems come in a wide variety of installations including:

  • Whole House Audio: Listen to the radio out on the patio, while someone else listens to their iPod in the office, while someone listens to their favorite TV show in the living room in full surround. We offer modern solutions with touch screen keypads to add style and convenience or simplistic audio distribution.

  • Home Theater: Want that theater quality without going to the theater? We offer a wide variety of home theater systems design while keeping your budget in mind. From full 1080p Projector Units to flat panel TV's, we can design the perfect home theater system for you. We also offer several different styles of speakers such as in-wall, in-ceiling, and floor standing boasting excellent sound to compliment your decor.

  • Intercom: One of the most convenient systems available is an intercom system. Our lives are now busier than ever, and with the help of an intercom system a simple press of a button can communicate throughout your entire home or business. We also offer combinations systems that you can use the same keypad locations to not only talk to other rooms, but also turn on music locally or throughout the entire site.

  • Commercial Audio: We offer many different solutions to commercial audio. Restaurants, professional business offices, warehouses, multi-level buildings, hospitals, and much more. Our audio systems can liven up your environment while maintaining a low budget.

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Access Control

Want to control the who gets in and who doesn't? We have the perfect solution for you. We offer several different options of controlling access to critical areas. We install keypads (pin entry), card swipe, proximity readers, bioscript readers (thumb swipe), magnetic locks, door strikes, and much more. We also offer management software that allows your management team to control access to all of your occupants. Manage clock in/clock out times, control access to visitors and more.

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Honeywell 7845G SM Cellular Communicator








Why Choose Complete Security Solutions?

We know you wish you could tobe in a lot of places at once.

Being able to monitor your home's security system, lights and control your thermostat will allow you to save money and feel safe at home. Our video surveillance will also give you extra satisfaction when time is of the essense.

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